Synonymous And Anonymous Of Words


Synonymous And Anonymous Of Words

Thesaurus is also a very educational website, and this website is brought to you by, so students do visit here to learn more Thesaurus.

About Thesaurus

On Monday, May 3, 1999, began its Word of the Day feature.[4] In April 2009, offered their first dictionary app in the iOS App Store. Since then, they have released the Android version, as well as a standalone thesaurus app called Thesaurus Rex, along with education apps, Flashcards, Word Dynamo, and Learning to Read with Zoo Animals.  

 Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary, two-volume set In general usage, a thesaurus is a reference work that lists words grouped together according to similarity of meaning (containing synonyms and sometimes antonyms), in contrast to a dictionary, which provides definitions for words, and generally lists them in alphabetical order. The main purpose of such reference works for users "to find the word, or words, by which [an] idea may be most fitly and aptly expressed" – to quote Peter Mark Roget, architect of the best known thesaurus in the English language.(Credit - Wekipedia).

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