Stunning Free Images


Stunning Free Images 

This another excellent website, which provides beautiful royalty free images and pictures, so go for it Pixabay.

About Pixabay

Hans Braxmeier, Co-Founder, CEO, and Server Master

 Hans is the founder and CEO of Pixabay - currently living abroad in Switzerland. He has always been interested in new technologies, studied computer science in Ulm (Germany), and has launched several web projects. Hans likes sports, especially running, mountain-biking, and hiking. He is always on the lookout for new challenges. 

 Simon Steinberger Simon Steinberger, Co-Founder, CEO, and Jack of All Trades Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Pixabay. He studied chemistry in Ulm (Germany) and finished his PhD in 2011. During this time, he started working in the IT sector and developed various websites. Simon enjoys rock climbing, mountain-biking, and other adventures around the globe. 

 Olga Foma Iulia Melnicenco, Marketing and Growth Hacking Iulia lives in Chisinau (Moldova) and she has joined our team recently as an online marketer and growth hacker. Iulia studied linguistics and has over five years experience in content management and internet marketing. She enjoys travelling, hiking, and any handicraft work in which she can express her imagination. Achim Thiemermann Achim Thiemermann, Social Media Marketing Achim lives in Austin, Texas (USA) and he is our driving force in social networking. He has over 10 years of internet marketing experience. Besides Pixabay, he is currently active as community manager on and, two international micro blogging platforms. 

 Olga Foma Dominic Alberts, Image Quality Control Dominic (South Africa) is the latest member in our team. Unstoppable, he is working through the daily flood of new images and videos, evaluating quality factors, tags, and legality of all uploads. Dominic is a professional photographer and image editor with lots of experiences in the artistic sector. Together with his partner, he currently enjoys the beauty of Mexico, where he has opened his first photography business, The Studio Rhapsody.  

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