Largest Online File Hosting Website


Largest Online File Hosting Website 

Openload is the best and the largest file hosting website in the world, which offers you even to earn from your contents, so make good use of your file here Largest Online File Hosting Website.

About Openload

 A long time we have not added something to our news section. This had a good reason - we had plenty of things to do - and we are sure, you will be satisified with the results. With this comment we want to give a short summary, of what we have done. At the moment we have more than enough of storage and completely restructured our infrastructure. We are proud of the new openload, capable of streaming a video file absolutely lag-free - no matter, how often it is watched parallel. We also can offer good things for users, that want to share content at openload: There is enough capacity for converting all kinds of regular video files into streamable files, without long waiting times. 

Also we customized the userpanel in a way, that every content sharer can control, how his users experience openload. Despite this good news, there is small bad message - but this should be not that hard. We noticed, that many users store very large files, with absolutely no activity on openload. To provide our services for free and keep sharing simple, we need to react to that. The best solution, we think, is to delete files of any kind, that are not video or audio files, after 30 days of inactivity. Streamable files (video and audio) will be deleted after 60 days of inactivity.(Credit - Openload) 

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