Alternative Of Youtube


Alternative Of Youtube

This is another good video search engine website, which allows users to upload and earn from their contents, so go for it and earn search your videos.

About Dailymotion

Dailymotion allows users to browse and upload videos by searching tags, channels, or user-created groups. The search system also introduces results based on other users' searches. The maximum size of a video file is 2 GB. The length of the video files is also limited to 60 minutes, except for motionmakers and Official Users.[12] In 2005, Dailymotion offered users simple functionalities such as: video upload (from file or webcam), a video player (using Flash) and a browsing system (sorted by channels, user-created groups and tags) In 2006, Dailymotion added new functions: users could follow and recommend videos to other users, subscribe to channels, add friends, etc. 

Dailymotion also optimised sharing options: with the embedded player, users could integrate easily videos on their own sites or blogs. Video statistics were added, number of views being showcased on top of the video, allowing users to know which videos were the most popular. Dailymotion developed advertising on the website (display, web banners). In 2007, a "Fingerprinting" program was launched with Audible Magic, to counter copyright violation. The program scans the soundtracks of the videos and automatically recognises copyrights. High Quality (640x480) became available for all users and Dailymotion created different user status: motionmakers (creative users who create original content) and Official Users (professionals, brands who want to broadcast videos). In 2007 the first web app was also launched on iPhone and on "wap SFR" in France. 

Videos uploaded by users to Dailymotion used to be (until 2008, see below) converted to the VP6 format at a resolution of 320×240. Audio on Dailymotion videos used to be encoded as MP3 at 96 kbit/s in stereo. The partnership gave Dailymotion the financial backing it needed to upgrade its servers to handle High Definition video and showcase its motionmaker videos. Dailymotion started its international expansion in 2008. The website was launched in many languages and its content was located by countries. The Home Page was optimised, High Definition (720p) and subtitles appeared on the player. "Dailymotion Kids" was launched: a channel dedicated to children with special content, a dedicated look & feel, and parental control. In February 2008, HD quality was made available to motionmaker users. In October 2008, HD quality was made available to regular users. In 2009, Dailymotion left its homemade PHP framework to use Symfony. 

The mobile was also updated to make it compatible with more telecoms and specific apps were developed for iPhone. The player was optimised in HTML5 for motion-makers and Official Users and in 16:9 for all users. The "Fingerprinting" program started to recognise video in addition to audio. "Facebook connect" made account creation easier for users and search engine was optimised. The Dailymotion Publisher Network (DPN) was launched, this program enables the sharing advertising revenue for websites which use Dailymotion's videos. In May 2009 Dailymotion announced that it would make its videos available using the HTML5 video element using an Ogg video format. Two new functions on Dailymotion in 2010: Quicklists and Contests – Quicklists is a simple way to browse videos and choose to watch now or later. On a contest page, all users can post their videos and try to win a prize. Dailymotion launched its white label video program called "Dailymotion Cloud" in October 2010. In 2011, Dailymotion initiated a live tool for Official Users. The player was also optimised, integrating the Adobe Auditude-program for advertising and Full HD resolution (1080p). Dailymotion also tested 3D via a dedicated player. "Facebook Video Tab" boosted the social strategy of Dailymotion. They also worked on apps for Xbox 360, Smart TV and Android. They launched the OpenVOD (video-on-demand) program in the end of 2011. With Open VoD, content creators can sell their programs, and choose the price, format, player, and promotion, as well as access their stats. They can broadcast on the Dailymotion website as well as on apps (through tablets, smartphones, and connected devices) and anywhere on the web. The "Dailymotion Mass Uploader" was launched in 2012. Based on Adobe AIR technology, it allows users to upload several videos simultaneously. In February Dailymotion and Facebook started a partnership to launch "Open Graph Watch", a program which allows an automatic sharing for logged-users. A new system of tags and a new Home Page appeared as well. In 2017, Dailymotion revamped its user-facing platform as part of the platform's most expansive update since its inception. The new interface includes an evolved user interface that prioritises premium content from verified publishers, shifting the focus from user-generated content to top-tier video content from trusted publishers.[13] In December 2017, the company released the new platform for Android TV in the Google Play™ store. Dailymotion is also available on the web (, iOS, Apple TV (Apple Store) and Xbox One.(Credit - Wikipedia)

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